Love You Long Time: 1 Simple Tip To Keep The Love Alive.

After spending more than 13 years with my partner in life, I’ve learnt that there are many ways to help stay in love. If there’s one simple thing that really helps keep the flame alive, this is it.

Only say “I love you” when you mean it.

Forget about waiting for the perfect moments to say “I love you”. Perfect moments happen rarely, and with planned dates, saying “I love you” to your partner some time during the date can be pretty much expected. Don’t just say “I love you” because your partner said “I love you” first. Don’t just say “I love you” because you say it every time you leave the house. Don’t just say “I love you” because of  routine.

What is more important is the recognition that every moment spent with your partner of love is a chance to be grateful that you are in love, that you are in a position to give love.

When you want to say “I love you”, ask yourself why, and tell her at least one simple thing you appreciate about her. It could be because of her lovely skin, it could be because she’s consoling her friend over the phone, it could be because of how she smells when she didn’t bathe, or simply because she’s a klutz.

Do it randomly. While you’re watching TV together. While you’re in the heading to the supermarket. While you’re sweeping the floor. The small element of surprise will make your declaration of love even more meaningful, and tie you in onto your next random “I love you”.

What’s important here is that you appreciate the smallest simple things, and communicate your gratitude clearly. If she becomes suspicious and asks you “Why do you suddenly say that?! Did you do something wrong?!”, just give her the truth, that you love her because of the small (or big) thing you appreciate her for.

All this may somewhat sound silly. But the truth of love never fails, especially when it comes straight from the heart.

Go show some love to your partner today.